Cannabis River Rock
Cannabis River Rock

These Rocks are the highest quality Colorado River Rock with deep etching and character.

The Real Rocky Mountain Rocks to Celebrate our Victory.

Enjoy the finest selection of our Colorado River Rock ranging from 2″ to 4″ and a world of colors, sizes and shapes, all right out our back door from the Dolores River, directly below Telluride, Colorado.

Average size is 3″ in diameter, flat, oval or round in shape.

Color fills available include: black, green, red, rasta, rainbow, and combination of 2 colors. Our Color Mix offers an assortment of all colors and is the best value and sellers!

We created Cannabis Rocks to Always Be THE BEST.

All are our River Rock is 100% authentic Colorado Grown and proud of it.

Your clients can have a piece of Colorado History… make that United States History with our River Rock.

Each stone is hand selected directly on the Dolores River between Telluride and Dolores, Colorado.

These stones are the best quality selected specifically for their unique features and etch-ability quality.

Try our Cannabis Rock Samplers to get your party started!

Don’t forget the magnets and event pins.

Some stone features include holes (for joint holders) and unique shapes and colors.


Custom orders are alway welcome. We are the creative rock genius’ and will design what you want.

We will contact you to clarify the color combinations and words you would like customized.

We want your order to be 100% Euphoric!


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Cannabis Medical Minis
Cannabis Medical Minis


Medical Minis are highly polished black Colorado stones that are deeply etched and airbrushed to perfection with the highest quality commercial grade paints that are there to stay!

Our colors schemes are outrageous with Rasta, Rainbow, Solid and twotone.  Custom creations are always welcome.

We want you to have the best collection possible.




Toss one a co-workers desk when its’ time to take off, keep a dish full to entertain yourself when you need to keep yourself focused.

We aim to please with these beauties.

Custom sayings available. Email or call with details.

Rasta  Color Fill (Green – Yellow – Red) 

Solid Colors are: Green, Red, Yellow and Gold.

We can create nearly anything for that special time when you need to touch a fellow stoner or get the message to anyone you want.

Easy to place somewhere inconspicuously, keep a jar full for amusement or pain relief.

The Cannabis leaf replaces most a and o vowels due to size and etchability.

Adds alot of character!

We will confirm your order after checkout.

Package Number 1   (50)                Package Number 2 (50)


BCannabis leafked                                   Euphoric

ZCannabis leafned                                   Relaxing

Cannabis leafReefer                                Uplifting

Cannabis leafBuzzed                               Mellow

CCannabis leafnnCannabis leafbis Rocks                   Hungry

BreCannabis leafk                                   Cannabis leafTime

420                                      SlCannabis leafCannabis leafpy

Bitch                                    Talkative

BCannabis leafng Master                         FCannabis leafcused

BlCannabis leafw  Cannabis leafut                              Aroused

Cannabis leafTender                                BrCannabis leafin Dead

Burn Cannabis leafut                               Tingly

ScCannabis leafre                                   CCannabis leafttCannabis leafn Mouth

Cannabis leafPrincess                             Cannabis leafMunchies

Bud MCannabis leafster                          DumbAss

PCannabis leafss It                                  Asshole

MechCannabis leafnic                             PCannabis leafrCannabis leafnoid

Cannabis leafKush Berry                          LCannabis leafad It

Cannabis leafBuzz Kill                             Pungent

GCannabis leafnj Cannabis leaf                                  ECannabis leafrthy

BCannabis leafby Sitter                           Anxious

SpCannabis leafce Queen                       HeadCannabis leafche

BCannabis leafwl Master                         Dry Mouth

Cannabis leafSativa                                 BrCannabis leafin Fart

Cannabis leafIndica                                 Sweet

Cannabis leafHybrid                                Dizzy

Burn Cannabis leafut                              Fatigue

Cannabis leafHemp                                 Berry

MCannabis leafnkey                                DepressiCannabis leafn

Cannabis leafSkunk                                 ChrCannabis leafnic

GCannabis leafnjCannabis leaf Time                          BullShit

ChCannabis leafmp                                  NCannabis leafuseous

StCannabis leafner                                  Muscle SpCannabis leafsm

GCannabis leafnj Cannabis leaf                                  CrCannabis leafsh

CCannabis leafnnCannabis leafbis                             Relief

MCannabis leafry Jane                            CreCannabis leaftive

MCannabis leafster                                 Stress

MCannabis leafniCannabis leafc                                InsomniCannabis leaf

Cannabis leafGreen                             HCannabis leafppy

Take Cannabis leafff                                FloCannabis leafting

Cannabis leafBurn It                                Cannabis leafKush

Cannabis leafLight It Up                          HerbCannabis leaflist

LegCannabis leafl                                     Cannabis leaf Rx

Cannabis leaf(Leaf)                                   TCannabis leafke Time

MCannabis leafCannabis leafcher                               Cannabis leaf (leaf)

LeafCannabis leafHolic                             WCannabis leafsted

Cannabis leafHit It                                    Energetic

BCannabis leafgart                                    Mush BrCannabis leafin

Cannabis leafThief                                     SpCannabis leafced

MCannabis leafre                                       PCannabis leafin

All of our Polished Black Rocks are approximately 1 inch diameter and super fun for you and your friends.

Keep them in pockets, toss them to a friend,(they’ll get the idea), these are fun, fun, fun.  And for that special someone you don’t care much for, we have that rock also.  Leave it somewhere, they’ll find it.

Don’t forget our famous Bullshit Rocks!  Completely outrageous line.


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Cannabis Rocks Samplers
Cannabis Rocks Samplers

MMJ and Recreational Wholesale Only:


Below are the Sampler Packages we offer to launch your store with an assortment of delectable Rock Candy, Medical Minis, Colorado River Rock and The Cannabis Rocks Game®.

Package 1 (The Seed)

The Seed:  consists of 10 Medical Minis, 1 Cannabis Rocks Game, 10 Cannabis Rock Candy, 5 Cannabis River Rock 2- 4” and 5 Cannabis River rock 4-5”  for only: $145.00.  (The Seed)  stones will individually retail for around 365.00 which gives a hefty profit margin of 220.00 or higher. (145.00 package investment)


Package 2 (The Leaf)

The Leaf: consists of 15 Medical Minis, 2 Cannabis Rocks Game, 15 Cannabis Rock Candy, 10 Cannabis River Rock 2- 4” and 10 Cannabis River Rock 4-5” for only $654.60.  (The Leaf) retails for 655.00 another hefty profit margin of 397.00 (258.00 package investment)


Package 3 (The Bud)

The Bud: consists of 25 Medical Minis, 3 Cannabis Rocks Game, 25 Cannabis Rock Candy, 15 Cannabis River Rock 2- 4” and 15 Cannabis River Rock 4-5” for $1,019.50.  (The Bud) retails for 1,020.00 a hefty profit margin  of 617.50 (402 package investment)


Which Sampler package fits best for your venture needs really depends on how much word of mouth buzz you want to create really, really fast.  Cannabis Rocks will circulate quickly amongst friends and your  business will be the place to go to get the one and only Cannabis Rocks.

Sampler Packs are a great way to get started and all of our Sampler packages include a mixture of the  following color fills, and we will custom design orders just for your store!  Give us a call or email.

Solid: Green, Red, Yellow, Gold, Blue, Purple

2 Color (any complimentary 2 color combination we offer which works best with the stone)

Rasta  (red, yellow and green)



Get your Cannabis Rocks on the shelves and out the door!

Order Page is under SHOP.

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Cannabis Rock Candy
Cannabis Rock Candy


Enjoy the Finest quality Cannabis Rock Candy, colorful and highly polished Colorful Assorted Rocks range from 1″ to 3″ average.

Some are flat, oval and abstract shaped to give you what you want…Character and diversity.

Our sayings will wow you and your clients.

No more nice stuff here, we get down to the fun part of Cannabis and much more.


Majority of Cannabis Rock Candy may have a Marijuana plant logo, and are noted withCannabis leaf  beside the saying.

Let us know what changes you like.


Cannabis leafReefer Time                             Cannabis leaf 420

Cannabis leafHouse Rules                             Cannabis leafManiac

Cannabis leafPass The Grass                         Cannabis leafZoned

Cannabis leafReefer Time                             Cannabis leafBaked

Cannabis leafBuzzed                                      Mellow Out

Cannabis leafCannabis Rocks                        Cannabis leafToke Master

Cannabis leafBake Break                               Cannabis leafBuzz Time

Cannabis leaf4 2 0                                           Cannabis leafBlowout

Cannabis leafWaste Case                               Cannabis leafMotherLoad

Cannabis leafBongMaster                               LegalizeCannabis leaf

Cannabis leafBud-stituteCannabis leaf                             Cannabis leafPipe Cleaner

Cannabis leafBud Tender                               Cannabis leafBrain Dead

Cannabis leafLovin’ It Legal                            Cannabis leafBurn Out

Cannabis leafScore                                         Cannabis leafRelax

Cannabis leafBud Master                                 DumbAss

Cannabis leafChemdawg                                Cannabis leafPass It

Paranoid                                       Cannabis leafPrincess

Cannabis leafKushMaster                               Cannabis leafLoad It

Cannabis leafKush Kush is The Bush              Cannabis leafWakki Tobacci

Cannabis leafBake Sale                                    Asshole

Cannabis leafCertified Diesel Mechanic          Cannabis leaf Babysitter

Cannabis leafSpace Queen                             Cannabis leafBiz-ong Time

Cannabis leafBowl Master                                Fuck Off

Cannabis leafSativa                                         Cannabis leafBrainFart

Cannabis leafIndica                                         Cannabis leafGanja

Cannabis leafHybrid                                        Cannabis leafSlow Burn

Cannabis leafPure Hybrid                                Cannabis leafBurn Out

Cannabis leafHemp                                          Bitch

Cannabis leafSkunk Master                             Cannabis leafChamber Champ

Cannabis leafSkunk                                         Cannabis leafChronic

Cannabis leafGanja Time                                 Cannabis leafChamber Monkey

Cannabis leafWalk The Dawg                          Cannabis leafSpank The Dank

Cannabis leafKief Thief                                   Cannabis leafBuzz Kill

Cannabis leafConnoisseur                                 Asshole

NCannabis leaf FishLip                                    Cannabis leafSpliff Master

Cannabis leafSativa Time                                  Cannabis leafGrass Master

Cannabis leafIndica Time                                  Cannabis leafGo Green

Cannabis leafGreen Machine                            MellowCannabis leaf Fellow

Cannabis leafTakeOff Time                              Cannabis leafHerbalicious

Cannabis leafBurn It                                        Cannabis leafHerbalocity

Cannabis leafLight It Up                                  Cannabis leafHerbalist

Cannabis leafLegal 2014                                  Cannabis leafDr. MJ

Cannabis leaf(Leaf)                                           Cannabis leafToke Time

Cannabis leafMoocher                                      Cannabis leafVaporizer

Cannabis leaf LeafAholic                                   Cannabis leafHydroManiac

Cannabis leafHit It                                            Cannabis leafRx

Cannabis leafBogart                                          Cannabis leafMush Brain

Cannabis leafMaster Gardener                          Cannabis leafFemales Rule

Cannabis leafDiesel Dog                                    BullShit

Cannabis leaf(Leaf)                                            Cannabis leaf (Leaf)

 Colorado/Washington/California or State Specific Specialty 

Pick your state and let us know at checkout which state or mixture of states to put on your order.

Cannabis, Virginia,

Stoner, New York

Mary Jane, Oregon.

Let us know and we’ll create your specialty order to your complete euphoric happiness.


Cannabis leafBaked in Colorado

Cannabis leafCannabis, Colorado

Cannabis leafMary Jane, Colorado

Cannabis leafStoner, Colorado

Cannabis leafGanja, Colorado


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Cannabis Colorado River Rock 4″to 5″
Cannabis Colorado River Rock 4″to 5″

Enjoy the Finest quality Cannabis Rocks, colorful and unique, hand selected from our quarry located directly on the Dolores River just below Telluride and Dolores, Colorado.

These stones are the best quality selected by hand for their unique characteristics, color and etch-ability quality.

Some features include holes for joint holders.  Each stone is different.

Colorful Assorted Rocks range from 4″ to 5″ average.  No lightweights here!

Assorted mixture of 20 Rocks: Assorted color Fill from black, gold, green, red, rasta, rainbow and 2 color combinations.

Try our Sampler packages to get started and see them fly.

With these beauties, we offer custom packages for you as well.

Currently, we are offering a mixture of Cannabis Leaf in assorted color combinations.  If you would like a custom order, simply select this on the drop down menu and include in your order details at checkout.

We will contact you to clarify the color combinations and words you would like customized.  Give your friends and customers what you know they want!



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Cannabis Rocks Game®
Cannabis Rocks Game®

PLAY CANNABIS ROCKS GAME®  with your friends (or by yourself) and see who gets toasted, blown away or just a mellow high.

This game is designed with our black highly polished stones about 1 inch in diameter, deeply etched on both sides and painted with the highest quality commercial grade paints… Made to last. Your game goes on and on like a good buzz.

Cannabis Rocks Game® was created to put the “fun of the high” so that you can have “fun with the high”. After all, when simple tasks become hilarious, or when cotton mouth strikes, why not have some fun with it.  Laughter cures all!

The rules of Cannabis Rocks Game are simple and fun to play,while allowing you and friends to ramp things up (or down) depending on the stone you draw.

With Cannabis Rocks Game, Everybody wins!  Yet there is a winning play that trumps all and crowns the winner “The Highest Stoner”!    Yeah!

Who doesn’t want that ! !

Each game set includes: 10 deeply etched, double sided stones, colorfully painted with the toughest commercial grade paints on the market. Easy to Read Instruction Card and Hemp carrying bag imprinted with Cannabis Rocks and attached  tie cord.

The game is highly portable (stick it in your pocket or purse)

Here’s how Cannabis Rocks Game works……..

Sit in a circle, around the table, a couch or fire pit….anywhere really! Each side of the Double sided stone coordinates to a symbol on each side of the stone.  Even though the rocks are deeply etched, our secret is that no one can decipher which rocks they are selecting from the bag.

Colors of a leaf or symbol coordinates to a movement, action, hit or no hit.

10 Hits      and       10 No Hits

House Rules               Burnout

Bogart                         Buzz Kill

Bake Break                 Brain Dead

Hit It                            Cotton Mouth

Toke Time                   Munchies

Blow Out                     Load/Roll

MotherLoad                Paranoid

Puff Pass L/R           No Puff Pass R/L

Connoisseur                Moocher

Bong Master          Pipe Cleaner

Cannabis Rocks Game© is easy and fun to play,  has adventure to it and takes acting out to a new level of  outrageous.

Here is a brief Description of some of the rules of the game and how the game is played.

Place the 10 Cannabis Rocks into the Cannabis Rocks Hemp carry bag, (bowl,  portable doggie dish, or whatever is handy will do as well)

To see who goes first, without looking (or feeling) in the bag, each player picks a stone. The player that picks “House Rules”, gets to go first and play proceeds from there.  Since each stone has a different move, play can go in any direction and to any player.

After the House Rules  Player is selected, place all Cannabis Rocks back into the container or bag. Shake bag.

Starting with “House Rules” winner, a new stone is selected and play begins there.

You are all in for a wild ride of fun, laughs and a new level of High!

Each player, at their turn, will pick a Rock and follow the direction which coordinates with the rocks color or symbol.

Some rocks go back 2 players, some go forward, across the circle, some skip and some play.

This is a No Brainer game which every player can enjoy playing and getting high, unless they run into a string of No Hit Rocks.

Here’s what makes Cannabis Rocks Game fun: for example,

Brain Dead Player must act Brain Dead until play passes and is completed by 2 players.  Game continues while player acts BrainDead!  Makes for great conversation.

Cotton Mouth: The Player directly across from this Player must offer (and retrieve) a beverage or refill for the player. Cotton Mouth Player does NOT get a Hit but Player retrieving beverage Takes a Hit before getting beverage.  (See if they remember to come back and give it to the right person)  The Play continues to Cotton Mouths Left.

Paranoid, must act Paranoid for 10 minutes while play continues or until House Rules is drawn by another Player.

If a Player draws the 5 0 stone while another Player is acting out Paranoid, Both must act Paranoid and 5 0 combined and together for 10 minutes.  Wow! That is a a tremendous laugh to watch.

Munchies, Must receive a treat from the Player to their Right. If no treat is offered or available, anyone may offer a treat within 15 seconds even if acting out another Play at the time,  Munchies gets to select the treat of choice offered up.  Player from which treat is selected, gets choice of “taking” any  treat from any player, except treat offered and selected from Munchies at that play.  Future plays do not count and cancels out any “act” currently being played.  Play goes to Player from which Munchies treat  is received.  Munchies has the option to take a hit before passing to Player treat is received from.

Burn Out is a No Hit for this Burn Out player and the play is passed 2 Players to Burn Outs’ Right. Meanwhile Burn Out maintains a Burn Out attitude until play comes back to them.

Some Hit stones include:

Hitting the pipe, bong,or joint

Holding it in for a specific timeframe

Blowing it to another person,

Players Choice

Act Like Sativa High.

And To Win the Title “The Highest Stoner” , all you have to do is . . . . . ..  .. . . .. .. .. .!!

Back this gift up with a Cannabis Rocks Magnet or pin, couple of Cannabis Rock Candy or Medical Minis and you’ve just given the best gift ever.  unique from the start.   These Rocks are labor intensive to create, but well worth it to know you are having a blast!

Additional Rules.…. *No feeling stones when selecting. (etching for words or symbols) *Close your eyes when selecting stone (get the full effect of your high)

Warning and Restrictions.

*No one under the age of 18 may play.

*No eating or swallowing stones.

*No excessive use of drug is encouraged nor implied

*No combination or mixtured of any drug(s) is suggested, implied, encouraged nor intended.

No illegal use intended or implied.

Players play at own risk.

While Playing Cannabis Rocks®, Cannabis Rocks is not liable for any excessive or illegal use nor any consequences derived from playing of game.

Game is intended for adult use only in a controlled, legal environment.

Cannabis Rocks© is Copyright Protected and Trademark with patent Pending. All Rights Reserved. Video game debut 2015.

by Cara Rose- Randolph  and Cannabis Rocks LLC, a Colorado Corporation

No reproduction of game is permitted by Law and is lawfully protected.

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Cannabis Rocks Pins & Magnets
Cannabis Rocks Pins & Magnets

Hey Cannabis Rocks Fans.

Our newest products are Medical Minis on Magnets and Pins for a variety of users needs, from wearing at events to the Refrigerator.

You and your friends will love wearing these to events and giving as gifts.

Our magnets are Medical Minis  and Rock Candy that are securely attached to a high quality magnet for munchy madness when approaching the fridge or to leave as a reminder, joke, gift or simply holding something on the fridge.

These are the stoners delight for gifting and laughs.

Our Pins are the highest quality pin backing for a variety of clothing options.

Great stocking stuffers for the upcoming Holiday season.

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  PRODUCTS Medical Minis $5.00 Single Color $5.50 Rasta $6.00 Rainbow Single Color Fills available range from red, green, yellow, violet, purple magenta orange or any color you like. Complete at checkout the color you prefer.   Cannabis Rock Candy … Continued

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Joint Holder and Ashtray
Joint Holder and Ashtray

Cannabis Rocks Colorado Sandstone Joint Holders/Ashtray are deeply etched with a Cannabis Leaf on the edge creating a unique artistic ashtray complete with a hole blown into the edge which acts as a joint holder.

Give the Colorado Sandstone Ashtray and Joint  holder to those who want the inspiration from Colorado and our Victory!

How much fun and a great centerpiece or mobile ashtray for the Stoner on the go.

Super special gift and no two pieces are alike.  All are custom made.

Select from 4″ to 6″ –  6″ to 8″  – or 8″ to 12″ and Custom Sizes.


We can create one of a kind centerpieces ashtrays so just let us know what you and your clients are seeking.

We can design it and create it.

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Large Custom Stoner Rocks
Large Custom Stoner Rocks

Custom Stoner Rocks are made to order just for you.

How large of stone and how many chambers do you want is the question.

We will customize your rocks with W h a t e v e r  you want on them or the marijuana leaf.

Don’t be shy, let us know what you want on them and we will do it!

If we were politically correct, we would be politically correct.

At Cannabis Rocks, we create the stones you only dreamed about diplaying!!!!

We create amazing chambered rocks for rolling and stash display,

You select the colors to fill in the Marijuana leaf, letters or design, and we will create the stunning artwork to compliment your amazing, one of a kind stoner rock.

A one of a kind piece for you, your establishment, or gifting.


All of our stones are 100% organic with no chemicals, except in the commercial grade paint we use to fill the design.

When you want to easily separate stems from the good stuff, our stones almost magically separate your stuff.

We will create for you exactly what you desire for your perfect statement.  Email us or call and lets get to creating your perfect large stoner rock.

Offered in Colorado Sandstone or Colorado River Rock!!!!

Custom Colorado Sandstone

and Colorado River Rock

7″ to 12″      $50.00

12″ to 18″    $80.00

18″ to 24″  $140.00

24″ to 28″   $220.00

Weight varies and is separate when shipped.

Prices will vary based on shipping and stone size.

email or call Cara at (970) 749-1921

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